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Musings On Becoming Conscious – Shining The Light

 “Becoming Conscious”; “Shining the Light”. Certainly sounds like a worthwhile Philosophy to bring into our lives. Wondrous Notions that when we Meditate upon them make us feel light, high if you will! But how do we bring these Philosophies into the everyday practices of our Lives?

Well yes, we can Meditate daily in order to maintain the Connectedness to our Inner Place of Knowing. We can discuss our views and opinions with others in an effort to spread “The Word”, as it were. These are some ways we can contribute to the “Collective Consciousness”, while maintaining our own ethereal connectedness to “God”, “Source”, “Positive Intuitive Energy”, call it what you will! However, how do we create a permanent shift into a Higher Energy Field, where all automatic (sub-conscious) thought is grounded in a Positive Energy? In other words, how do we permanently re-direct our thought patterns so that Positive thought is our Natural way of thinking?

We Become Conscious. We become conscious in each and every moment, of each and every word that escapes our mouths! It’s really just a matter of “listening” to ourselves speak in order to become aware of the level of energy we’re sending out into the Universe. Do you hear how many times in any given day you complain about things?

Remember that words are like bubbles of Energy being released through our mouths into the Atmosphere around us. When you notice yourself saying anything Negative, from “I hate this gloomy weather” to “I never get anything I want in life”, see these words as bubbles filled with a grey, foggy substance – quickly shoot these bubbles out into Space where they can burst without much consequence. Immediately follow this procedure with some Positive words like “I love to curl up on the couch with a good book on days like this” or “I have an abundance of everything I need to feel Safe, Secure, and Loved”. See these words as crystal clear bubbles with shots of rainbow color – burst these bubbles right away and feel the Positive Energy escape into the atmosphere surrounding you. It is important to fully feel the Peace and Joy surrounding you as it escapes the bubble in flashes of light. At first it may be difficult to get the picture in your head, or feel the feeling in your gut. But don’t give up. Practice really does make perfect, so practice, practice, practice!

It’s very possible you’ll be a bit overwhelmed initially when you begin to “Shine the Light” of awareness on your Sub-conscious, or Unconscious, thought patterns. Once you begin truly and honestly listening to yourself, you will realize how much Negative Energy is spewing forth each day; each hour; each moment.

“Shine The Light”Bring Sub-conscious thought into the forefront where it can be dissolved. Sub-conscious, or Un-conscious, thoughts are thoughts we have without knowing we have them. We often feel them in our bodies. Do you ever wonder why you feel a little sick in the stomach right now; or you seem to be stressing when there’s nothing obvious to stress over? Most of our Fear lives in our Sub-conscious. When you bring these thoughts into the Light of the Conscious Mind, the imagined demons are shown up as nothing more than the pulling of scary faces by the light of a candle!! 

There are many books available that offer practical ways for us to bring about the Positive changes we want to implement in our lives. I have listed a few of my Favorites on the Reading for Empowerment Page.

One of the most important things to remember, in my experience anyway, is this: We can read about It; meditate on It; have some amazing conversations about It; but until we are practicing It every Moment, every Now, the “feeling good” is transient at best, and remains dependant on outside circumstances.

You must bring Practice into the Present Moment and live it to the fullest. No excuses! Then you will see your Life begin to change – from the Inside Out!