Musings on Turning Midlife into a New Life

I feel I am one of the lucky ones as I have been able to live my main passion in life for the past 20 odd years – Motherhood. However, once the kids grew up, coupled with a serious illness 8 years ago, I became incredibly lost. Having always had no trouble looking into the future and seeing where I wanted to go, I now found the future was a blank; there seemed to be nothing I really wanted to do with my life. At first I wondered if I was foreseeing my own demise, and I now I believe I was, in a way. I had become intuitively aware that the old me was dying and had no clue who I was now supposed to be. I have been lost and literally wandering aimlessly ever since. To spite my greatest efforts at trying to hold onto my role in my children’s lives, they have been bound and determined to get me on a Path of my own. It’s what I’ve wanted too, but now realize I’ve been hanging on out of fear that I might just float off into the atmosphere without them to anchor me!

However, the past 8 years have not been a total loss, even though I haven’t managed to find a new place for myself in my Universe as yet. I know that all I have researched; all the reading on how to change my life into a fulfilling one; and all the lectures I’ve listened to on how to implement positive change in my life; have led me here.

About a month ago, my daughter, Erin, who is in the process of building her own business as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, attended an entrepenuerial seminar where she met a lady named Susan Baker. Susan’s business is to help people like me find direction, implement the necessary action, and get a new career direction developed.  Erin immediately passed Susan’s contact info along to me. I did not immediately contact Susan!!

It took another couple of weeks of feeling depressed, empty, and aimless to really get sick of it! Then I checked out Susan’s website and was impressed by what I read there. I’d had a lot of good ideas, and had pretty much figured out what I wanted my life to feel like, but didn’t have a clue where to begin. I began by calling Susan and finding out what she could do to help me help myself.

There followed 2 fun-filled weeks of reading and doing assigned exercises to re-connect with my deepest passions. I have just completed my first assignment in changing my future and becoming the person I am meant to be. I already feel a new aliveness as I focus my energies on getting the life I want.

So stay tuned if you’re feeling stuck, de-motivated, or lost for direction. As I move through this magical process of changing my life from a “No Life”, I’ll be keeping you informed.


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