Musings on Defining Changes

So I’ve come to the end of the Discovery Phase in my work with Susan (Escapehatcher) and this, in brief, is what I have discovered. That I desire to live my life as an Artisan/Writer, as I believe my God intended me to be. That I want to create things of beauty, from inspired pieces of jewelry, to photographic records of Nature’s truest glory, to words that inspire others to live as honestly as they can. That I want to live a Creative existence surrounded by the Peace and Serenity of Nature. So now we move to the Definition Phase of the changes I am bringing to my life.

And I realize I am still discovering! Now is when I will set financial goals, price things out, do the “business” of realizing my dream, and it deflates me; cuts off the creative flow. The truth is, I don’t want anything I do for a living, to have anything to do with my head. Except as the tool which operates my hands in creating the “Visions of My Heart”! The beads and the findings can’t be chosen by cost, only by the Love of their brilliance and the inspiration they bring to my Soul to create a piece of elegance to give to the World.

It can have nothing to do with Profit and Loss! Nothing to do with financial gain! I will create from my heart and my Infinite Source will assure me a living. “..Give us this day our daily bread..”. I will have everything I need exactly when I need it, if I remain true to my purpose.

This change I am bringing to my life has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with living my life as authentically as possible. Living as me, the Artist Soul that the Infinite Spirit created. Living as True to my own Nature as possible each and every day, that’s my work. When I’m doing that, God will supply the rest. This I know in my heart to be “Truth” – I just have to get my head out-of-the-way!


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