Musings on – Going with the Flow

For the next 3 days I am planning to just go with my flow. I recently moved to the Rockies in Colorado to do just this. But it’s not as easy as one may think! This morning I thought I would wake up all excited that I had made my excuses on the workfront and given myself the day to go-with-my-flow. However, after 40 odd years of have to’s, schedules, and deadlines, it’s not that easy.

If you’ve read my Bio then you know I’m in the midst of  a Mid-Life reorganization. Attempting to re-connect with my Spiritual roots; making every effort to remember who I was meant to be. As a child I wrote Poetry and was incredibly good at fantasy, but these were not recognized as valuable talents. I was labelled a “Dreamer”, which I understood to not be a good thing! One can’t get a “real job” as a Dreamer.

Yet let’s look back at History and ask ourselves if Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie, or Gandhi were not Dreamers? Why is it we, as a Society, cannot recognize the incredible value of our “Dreamers”?

So, here I am, in Mid-Life, giving value to myself and my “Dreamer” qualities, hoping all the while this blocking of Creativity that we do will change. That we will someday, soon, recognize our Dreamers as the fore-runners of Positive change in our Society, and cheer them on.

Quote for the Day: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony – Mahatma Gandhi


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