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Musings – On New Year’s Eve 2009

It’s a beautiful night outside tonight. There’s a full moon shining, lighting up the snow-capped peaks that are usually invisible at night. The fireworks will begin in an hour, and I’ll wrap up in my cozy blanket and stand out on my porch to watch them. I can hear the raised, celebratory voices floating on the air from the Historic District in front of me and the hills behind me. I somehow feel a part of the celebration, just being a part of the sounds of it.

There’s a party going on across the street and I’ve been sitting, with a glass of nice wine in hand, watching people arrive; imagining the warmth of the fire and the friends. And I realize it’s what I want. It’s been a long time of me being shut down to the intimate relationships of friends – and that special man. Perhaps even having convinced myself that I’d gone past all that; after all, I’m middle-aged!

But it isn’t the case. I can feel how comforting it would be to see the New Year in surrounded by friends, and with that special man, who every once in a while, comes up to me and tells me he loves me. Are we ever too old for True Love? This New Year, I’m thinking not.

May we all find what we most want in the upcoming year. Happy New Year to All, and to All a Good night.