Developing New Habits

Today I am writing simply to write. I thought I was inspired to write about my recent travels, but it seems I’m not. So I’m simply going to fulfill my committment today, and write.

I know I shouldn’t worry about how good it is yet – I’m just trying to create the habit of writing every day. Not very inspiring, I know 🙂 Hopefully as time goes on I’ll become more drawn to my Blog, and gain more clarity on what I want to write about. I have so many ideas, yet I’m finding it difficult to get them to flow from mind to paper.

I do believe that talent is a muscle that requires a regular work out. For so long now I haven’t given any time to the practice, so I imagine it will take me awhile to get the words flowing freely. I’m in the process of developing several new habits including exercise. It’s not easy to get new things established as a routine that I enjoy, but I am making progress.

Beginning last week, Monday through Friday I’m walking by the river and stopping at my tree to meditate. Now for 14 days I’ll write here on my Blog even if it isn’t any good. I just have to stay focused on doing it in both cases, and trust it will all become easier and easier as I practice.

That’s it for today. No judgement here 🙂

Thanks for listening.

Sandra L


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