Tis The Season

I’ve just spent most of my time allotted to writing tonight looking for a Christmas Theme. Sadly, there’s not much available, but I must do something, so here it is 🙂 I’ll continue the search for something better.

I love the Christmas Season, and usually put aside my cares and woes and fill up with the “Spirit of the Season”. This year is a little different, and although I’m adjusting to how it will be, I’m also missing how it usually is.

This Christmas will be spent in my homeland of Australia, and will be only the second one I’ve spent here in 35 years. I have been living in the U.S. since 1976. It isn’t only the difference in the weather (Christmas being in the Summer here), there’s just not as much made of it here, which I hadn’t remembered.

Of course I don’t know what it would be like in the city, but here in the small New South Wales South Coast town I’m staying in, there is no Christmas Tree downtown, no lights along the streets, no Christmas Carols playing in the stores. These are among the many things I love about Christmas.

Usually I would have a tree myself, set out my Christmas Village and other ornaments, and make my home a fairyland for a couple of weeks. It’s a really nice way to see out the old year, and welcome in the New Year. My family is not doing any of this, it’s not how they celebrate here.

So I’ve decided to make the most of things here. I will take Joy from being with my Mum, my Sister, my Daughter, my Nephew and his girlfriend. It will be wonderful for all of us to be together, and I will focus on that. For all the baubles (as much as I love them) are not nearly as important as being with people I love.

I hope you enjoy your journey toward Christmas, and that it’s everything you hope it will be. Just 13 days to go!

Thanks for listening.

Sandra L


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