Leaving Things Too Late

I really have to start writing earlier. It seems I have all my best ideas before noon, and have forgotten them all by now. My problem is still “putting it off”; doing whatever I can except write. Am I boring you yet? I’m certainly boring myself!

Though I have found that if I say things over and over again, and don’t do the follow through, I eventually get so sick of listening to myself that I act. There’s several things of this nature in my life right now. A couple of which I’m making progress on.

The first is my daily walk. I’m moving into week two of walking first thing in the morning, Monday through Friday. I talked about doing it for such a long time that I was driving myself crazy listening to myself. So now I’m acting, and thoroughly enjoying beginning my day with a walk and a meditation by the river.

I suppose the writing is slowly joining the “doing” category of my life. This I’ve been talking about for years, on and off. Still not entirely sure what I want to write about. I love a good mystery and have thought about trying my hand at that. I love Agatha Christie mysteries, and would be proud to write like she did. I guess if I have a hero it would be her.

Anyway, the day is almost done and I’m very tired. I’ve been helping my daughter set up her website – Erin Lanahan Method  – and, while it’s been a lot of fun, I realize I’m still using it to avoid. Small steps I suppose.

Well, time to put my feet up for the night.

Thanks for listening

Sandra L


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